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WELCOME TO THE YAOI CENTER! :iconblush--plz:

We accept Literature, traditional and digital art, as well as comics, cosplay and memes!

Our rules are pretty simple!

1) Do not be mean to the other members. We are a family here. :)

2) We accept any yaoi. Any thing thats yaoi related or has yaoi, we accept. Literature, traditional and digital art, as well as comics, cosplay and memes are welcomed and encouraged.

3) Please submit into the correct folder. If you are not sure where your art fits, its fine to sumbit to the featured and we'll organize it for you.

4) Have fun. Seriously. Or I'll find you.

5) NO Yuri, Bestiality, Loli, Rape, or Het allowed here, sorry. And also, IT TAKES TWO MEN TO CONSIDER THE ART AS YAOI. If something is submitted that isnt yaoi (contains a woman, has one person in it, etc.) it will be removed. >.<


Rules for our group RP chatroom!

Our group chat~…

1) You have to be a member of our group to join our group chatroom.

2) You can do any anime, game or manga you want with any characters. Oc's are allowed. No character applications needed, just a picture and a small description of their personality is fine.

3) No godmodding or mary sues.

4) If someone is already RPing a certain show or manga or game, don't bust in with characters from a completely different show. That would be slightly annoying and rude.

5) Be warned--there probably will be explicit yaoi scenes. No rape, bestiality, or bloody scenes please.

6) If you wish to be a member and RP with us, just note us and we'll let cha in.

7)Have fun~

Our most used and favorite yaoi chatroom~…

Rules are posted there. Anyone can join that one as well. It is public.


~You do not have to have the same character each time you RP. (Unless you want to, then you'll have to ask if its okay with everyone just incase they wanted to be that character as well.)

Gallery Folders

Clean Literature
Contests, Announcments, ETC.


Hey! Do you want to build a snowman?! Just kidding! Haha. Do you want to do some contests? Comment below on what kind of contest you'd like to do and we'll get one started.
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o0Bella0o Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hello all! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:
I'm looking for semes!
I have a couple of cuties who are free to RP~! 

I prefer Skype Because dA notes just don't work with me
Even though I do have preferences for my semes
- Older
- Muscular 
- Scruffy beard

I really don't mind anyone <3
But if you have any or all of those factors just come to me honey :iconlazeplz:

My Skype is xbgurlxx 
Feel free to send me a contact request!
Though please say that your looking to RP with me!

Oh and...
I mainly do 3rd person paragraph with thoughts in italics occasional bold lettering. I may vary paragraphs depending on you though. So if you like it long and detailed I do the same, or if you do one good one I will most likely go with it.
I can to the smut... But if you're not comfortable with that then I'm game with that too lmao.

I hope you have a nice day!! :iconrikkavplz: 
HaleyHitsugaya Featured By Owner May 4, 2016

Hello everyone! I am in search of a long-term RP partner who can take the base character I have and make him their own.


I’m looking for a partner who enjoys these genres:

-Slice of life

-High school romance



My idea for this RP is for YOU to play a seme named Alex Evans, who meets the shy Jason Lee. Imagine an ice cream for this with all the toppings, which would be an OC. I want you to take my completely stripped vanilla ice cream and add your own toppings, spin, etc to him. All I want is a seme who enjoys to fight. Besides that, I want you to make him your own. This will be your character. Many will be scared by this but please, if you give it a chance, I can guarantee you it is fun.


Here are the dos and don’ts.


-18+ ONLY!! Do not respond if you are under 18!

-Give this a chance! I promise it can be fun if you don’t let fear get in the way!

-A paragraph response. I get that at times it will be sort of difficult to do this, I just do not want several one to two line responses.

-Good grammar. Not everyone won the spelling bee, but I want to be able to tell what you’re saying.




-Some fetishes (It depends, discuss it with me first, please)



-One liners.

-Instant romance

-No whiney semes




Jason Lee-…

This is MY character. I will be playing Jason, the uke. More information such as his description can be found via the link.


Alexander “Alex” Evans-…

YOU will be playing Alex. Make him your own. All I want is a seme who enjoys to fight. Change his personality, background, etc. Be creative!



My notes don’t tend to work that often. I prefer to RP through email or Skype.


If you have any interest in this RP then please note me and I will respond as fast as possible as well as answer any concerns or questions you have. I’ve done this before with people and I promise you they all have enjoyed it. You just have to take a chance and inbox me! Thank you so much and I look forward to starting a new RP soon!

Vault-Demon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looking for some new Role-plays!

If anyone RPs a seme Renji Yomo and ships with Uta then note me because its my OTP and I neeeeeeed to RP it

Also have OCs - Winter's Children, Demons, Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, Taurs and Satyrs

I dont RP via comments, so please note me :)
Little-Lady-Fangirl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist
Hello ^^
I am looking for an yaoi rolplay partner!
I am looking for:
-vampires, demons, humanoids etc. 
-a rp partner who swaps (one time I use my seme and you your uke and the other time I use my uke and you your seme. I think its fair)
-interessting plots

I rp through notes so feel free to note me! 
MikennaTuneburg Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
hi im new anyone want to rp?
GlitchKanin Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hello everyone, I have opened up a new group for people to rp in!


Here are a few things about the group real quick:

-We are an apocalypse like group .

-Rp in skype ( I dont have anything else atm but feel free to suggest) so we can add everyone to a groupchat where we can either rp in a group or ask others for a one-on-one.

-The group has several species for everyones interest: humans, elves, cyclops, dragons, satyr, werewolves, vampires, dullahan and succubi/incubi.

-The group allows 18+ content.

-We prefer paragraph/script and some story along the way.


I might have missed a thing or two so feel free to check us out and let us know if you are interested!


NicholiDeSchidor Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
For those that enjoy roleplaying. I have a forum that has been revamped. We are currently breathing life back into the forum after a long time. If you could help us by being active on the forum and having fun with other members. You might just find that one partner that you fall in love with. ;) We also have a yuri section on the forum along with a cbox, and a chatroom available to those who want to use them. :) Happy hunting! Look for me on the forum.…

cutelittleklonoa Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
For everyone who is interested in a human/yaoi group that is having a fresh new start
this group is currently open and looking for members   Tsumibito-Academy
NicholiDeSchidor Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015
Greetings, Nicholi here, I am currently looking for some skype yaoi roleplayers. I have been struggling to find some roleplayers that can keep up with length and detail. Forgive me when I say this, But I can not stand one lining. There is so much more that you can paint within the human mind if you use just enough detail in posts. Make the story more interesting and worth it. I have a lot of idea's going through my head most of the time and I would enjoy finding some people to play with. Please be in mind of the requirements as well, I do hate to repeat myself.

Requirements: Paraposter (Posting in paragraphs, 1 paragraph per post min.), Imagination is a MUST (Most of my roleplays are heavy fantasy based. Please use yours as well to help create a wonderful story.), Literate (This one I am willing to bend a bit, I know that my grammar isnt all that great. But the one thing I really want is to be able to understand what your saying.), I mostly only play as a uke due to past issues that have come up with trying to play as a seme. 

Please send me a message/note to get more info about this. :) Thank you for listening.
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